Eclectic Tales from Mongolia

Featuring Li Chin Sung and the Khoomii Sound Machine

A new eclectic music project with traditional, Jazz and Avantgarde musicians from Mongolia, China, Korea, Argentina, Germany, Austria and Sweden

commissioned by the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department; Premiere at the Hong Kong New Vision Arts Festival 2006

produced by Hannes Nimpuno

“Eclectic tales from Mongolia” feat. Li Chin Sung and the Khoomii Sound Machine is a new music project which includes a full length concert and a CD release. The well-known Chinese noise and avant-garde musician Li Chin Sung who is based in Hong Kong will conceptualize, construct and compose together with the famous Swedish electric bass player Jonas Hellborg an evening of outrageous eclectic music performed by a most unusual band put together especially for this project. It will present ancient as well as contemporary sounds, soundscapes, sound clusters, composed parts as well as improvisations.

Li Chin Sung will direct the concert live on stage from his turntables and laptop with sampled and pre-produced sounds, loops and patterns and respond to the singing, chanting and roaring of the Mongolian musicians as well as to the improvisation parts of the Western instruments in between the composed parts.

Music material is derived partly from Mongolian traditional tunes and will be varied, transformed and alienated into contemporary sounds and soundscapes by using the archaic voices and tunes of the Mongolian Long Song and Khoomii (throat singing technique) singers and the Mongolian Morin Khuur (horse head violin) player. This powerful Mongolian sound cast will be complemented by the unorthodox Korean percussionist Park Je Chun who bangs on Western and Korean instruments which are placed in an array around him while he is sitting on the floor, by one of the world’s most versatile jazz and contemporary musicians, the trumpet player Valentin Garvie from Argentina, the Austrian keyboard player Josef Novotny and finally by the Swedish Bass player Jonas Hellborg who is known as one of the world’s finest jazz bass players.