A Solo Ceramic Exhibition
by Ahadiat Joedawinata

Ahadiat Joedawinata was born on January 31st, 1934. As an elementary student between the year of 1955 to 1958 he made an acquaintance with various drawing media and techniques. Slechter, an art teacher from the Volks Universiteit on Jl. Merdeka, Bandung introduced Joedawinata to them. In junior high school Joedawinata joined the art courses at Jiva Mukti, located at the local Cultural Centre at Jl. Naripan. It was there than Joedawinata was introduced to the atmosphere of the freedom of expressions and creations, especially through painting and creating 3 dimensional clay objects under the guidance of Ahmad Sadali, Barli Sasmitawinata and Karnedi.

During his high school years, Joedawinata joined the Artists Studio in Siliwangi Valley under the guidance of But Mochtar, Srihadi Soedarsono, A.D. Pirous, and Adrin Kahar. These tutors were alumni of the Art Faculty of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). It was then that Joedawinata was exposed to the various modern Indonesian artworks, especially those in Bandung. This experience was also his early acquaintance with the formal art education.

His tutors such as Rita Widagdo, Ahmad Sadali, and Yusuf Affendy, have drawn the young Joedawinata’s attention to the subject of Spatial Design/3D and Planar Design/2D, and this triggered him to learn more on the subjects and later on in life applied these to his own works. Whilst a student at ITB he also assisted Ms. Widagdo and Mr. Affendy in their teaching and moreover, he was assigned to give lectures on the above subjects to ITB’s arts students. Joedawinata completed his study from the Art Faculty of ITB in 1973, and has since then worked as a permanent teaching staff in his alma mater.

In 1979, Joedawinata started to work in various interior design assignments and exhibition system assignment aside from his ITB teaching career. This involvement has taken him nationwide, as well as internationally. Together with his wife, Rini Chairin Hayati (also a graduate of the same faculty in ITB), they have been active in developing craft designs of various locales in Indonesia, specifically in the field of wood crafts, ceramics, and bamboo crafts. He has often been requested to contribute in seminars and research in the field. In 2005 he completed his doctoral degree with a dissertation on the local materials and techniques which serve as the guiding elements in the formation process of an artefact.

Since 2000, Joedawinata has been intensively creating and working on ceramic works in a small studio in his house. He has exhibited his works in: Inaugural Exhibition of Edwin’s Gallery in Denpasar, Bali (1999); Joint Exhibition Media in Media at the National Gallery of Jakarta (2001); Indonesian Contemporary Craft Exhibition at the National Gallery (2001); the Object Exhibition at the Galeri Fabriek (2002), and the CP Open Biennale 2003 Interpellation at the National Gallery in Jakarta.